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About Selera Indah Perdana (SIP)

PT Selera Indah Perdana (SIP) was born out from the brilliant idea of adding values of Indonesia coffee in Indonesia. SIP was formed up with the best knowledge, skill and technology in the industry. SIP was incorporated in mid-2016, and located at part of old town district in West Jakarta, Indonesia. With a combination of the traditional and modern architectural styles, SIP’s facility is one of the iconic facilities in the area.

SIP is offering coffee cultivated throughout the archipelago including the islands of Sumatera, Java, Bali and Papua. SIP upholds high standards and best practices by implementing local and international standards and certifications. Beside getting directly from companies within the group, SIP also sources its beans from selected suppliers that has been reviewed and meet our standards and commitments. Currently, SIP works very closely with four farmer groups spread throughout the archipelago of Indonesia. Our ethical coffee sourcing practices also help improve the lives of local communities in the best coffee growing regions.

SIP has a founder that has been in the coffee industry for more than 16 years.In the past two years, he has released two coffee books, The Dictionary of Indonesia Coffee and Roasting is Fun. In the book of Roasting is Fun, he shared the seven roasting techniques that received a World Record Award in 2020. These seven roasting techniques are some of many techniques that SIP utilizes in highlighting the best flavors and experiences of Indonesia coffee. SIP is the first company that is utilizing high-tech Probat-25 roaster in Indonesia. SIP’s laboratory is equipped with many machines and tools from simple Hario V60 drippers to La Marzocco espresso machine.

SIP’s current customers including International brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Quiznos, Alfamart and Lotte. SIP produced a wide array of coffee products including roasted beans, liquid coffee, and drip coffee filters through two brands, Presidente Caffé and Kopi Presiden. Whether you want to enjoy a simple Indonesia coffee or a tailor-made coffee just for you, SIP provides all options. Our end goal is to offer a fine Indonesia coffee and doing it the right way from beans to cup.


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